Due to a warning strike at some locations in East Westphalia, there may be delays in the collection of waste and recyclables in the districts of Herford, Höxter, Lippe and Minden-Lübbecke. Please pay attention to the information and notices in the regional radio stations and daily newspapers. In addition, disruptions in deliveries to the PreZero recycling centers are possible.

Partner to the Golfclub Mannheim-Viernheim 1930 e.V.

Since 2020 PreZero has been the official partner and sustainability consultant for the Golfclub Mannheim-Viernheim 1930 e.V. PreZero provides expertise in the areas of waste management, waste recycling and use of renewable raw materials.

Official partner and sustainability consultant

In July 2020, the first sustainable products were already in use at a tournament: For example the PreZero returnable plastic beakers and food ware, which were mostly made of grass clippings. The sustainable mobile phone cases with Golfclub branding are an additional highlight. Among other materials, they were made from grass clippings from the golf club’s own facility. The grass clippings that make up this raw material are returned into the materials cycle in the case of both the food ware and the mobile phone cases. PreZero also equips the club office with recycled printer paper made from grass clippings and waste paper too.

From a sporting point of view, PreZero supports the promotion of youth members of the golf club and is the official sponsor of the first men’s and women’s team.

Grass clippings from the golf facility

We create sustainable products from the grass clippings from the facility. By not using primary raw materials, we protect the environment.

Sustainable food ware

The sustainable food ware is produced from grass clippings and recycled waste paper. We refrain from using any form of chemicals in our manufacturing processes and ensure that we protect our resources.

Mobile phone cases made from grass clippings and recyclable plastic

The mobile phone cases are made from grass clippings from the golf facility and recyclable plastic. Individual branding is possible in this process.