Grünfinkpfad (Greenfinch Path)

Social project Lichtenstern

The Greenfinch Path in Löwenstein

The Greenfinch Path was brought to life as a social project as part of the partnership between PreZero and the Evangelischen Stiftung Lichtenstern. The aim of the project was to create a barrier-free location that explains nature and makes nature a livable experience – especially for children and for people who cannot read well. On the Greenfinch Path you can make lots of interesting observations and learn more about the forest and the grassland as well as the songbirds living there.

In collaboration with NABU Obersulm and the Evangelischen Stiftung Lichtenstern, the “Greenfinch Path” nature trail was created around the site of the Foundation in Löwenstein. The circular trail is 1.5 km long, equipped for the disabled and the text on the signs is written in simple language. The nature trail provides information, connects natural experiences and strengthens the awareness of the environment for both young and old. So let’s go – let’s start off with Gustav and his friends on the experience tour.

Route maps and puzzle fun

Greenfinch Path flyer with puzzle
The map on this flyer will enable you to find your way around on the Greenfinch Path. Can you solve the crossword puzzle on the flyer?
Gustav the greenfinch
Discover together with Gustav lots of native animals and plants on the Greenfinch Path! Do you already know the ropes?
Solution to the crossword puzzle
Would you like to know whether you solved the crossword puzzle on the flyer correctly? You can find the solution here.

On the Grünfinkpfad (Greenfinch Path)

Insect hotel
Why are insects so important for our environment? And how can we protect them? You will learn more about this on the Greenfinch Path!
Info boards
All information boards are written in simple language and therefore easy for young and old to understand.


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