Exclusive partner to KLIMA ARENA

The KLIMA ARENA is an interactive place of learning for children and adults that has been created to educate and provide understanding about the environment, nature conservation and the climate.

Experience climate change in KLIMA ARENA

As an exclusive partner, PreZero supports the commitment of the climate foundation for citizens and takes part in two exhibits at the KLIMA ARENA as well as contributing to the design of the outdoor area with tables and benches made of recycled material. The seating areas on the site have been made of recycled used plastics from the Schwarz Group. In this way, we are closing a loop and showing the visitors how we are giving materials a new lease of life.

At recyclable material bingo, the visitors have to match different recyclable materials to the relevant end product. Practical tips & tricks on upcycling and DIY (do it yourself) instructions for at home are all a part of the exhibit. The visitors are shown that it is possible and most importantly how you can become an upcycling professional yourself in your daily life.

Even the youngest visitors can be made aware of this way of thinking with the “paper recycling” challenge at the second exhibit, as it doesn’t always have to be a fresh granite paper textbook with bleached pages that they use. Textbooks made of waste paper are just as good and also a large amount of water and chemicals are not used in the production. These exhibits show both young and old that you don’t need to make a lot of changes but small adjustments to your daily life can have a big effect on our environment.

Impressions of KLIMA ARENA