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Creating new value from what was previously thrown away - for you, your customers and the entire environment.

PreZero has dedicated its services to this goal. As a pioneer and partner, we accompany you on every step of the way to the circular economy: from packaging licensing to collection, sorting and recycling of recyclable materials up to a wide range of consulting services. And even beyond this cycle, we are constantly questioning the status quo. For example, OutNature is a true alternative in the packaging market and PreTurn offers robust, digital pallet solutions.

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PreZero Dual is your contact for packaging licensing. With analyzes, workshops and recycling projects, we help them to make their packaging sustainable and successfully implement the goals of the Packaging Act.

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Waste disposal

Whether private, commercial or municipal - we find an individual solution for your collection and sorting. In doing so, we consider the entire loop and get the best out of your recyclables. On the way to a cleaner tomorrow!

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To turn old things into new ones, our experts ensure that apparent waste is turned back into materials that can be used as raw materials in industrial production. Together with you, we develop recycled plastics and aluminum for your project.

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Q by PreZero - a brand behind three consulting services: optimized waste management (PreZero.scope), recyclable packaging (PreZero.repack) and applied product recycling (PreZero.rechain).

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A paper for which no tree is felled? Packaging that protects domestic soils and bees? With paper based on the silphium plant, OutNature offers you exactly this opportunity for ecological differentiation from the competition. Our solution for innovative Packaging manufacturers and retailers.

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Replace conventional wooden pallets with break-resistant, recyclable, intelligent solutions from PreTurn: lightweight, stable and splinter-free in high-bay warehouses and trackable in automated systems. This makes your entire goods transport digital, convenient and safe - without any additional technology.

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