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Q by PreZero - Corporate success through value creation cycles

Q by PreZero develops Circular Economy solutions for production companies, brand manufacturers as well as industrial companies and implements them in practice.
This enables companies to introduce value cycles by reusing resources from product, packaging and production waste in their own value creation process.

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Our approach

By developing a company-specific roadmap, Q Roadmapping provides companies with a tangible and plannable entry into the Circular Economy. The roadmap provides the strategy for one's own Circular Economy and an implementation plan that can be individually designed and controlled by breaking it down into individual projects.

1. Analysis

At the beginning, the current situation within the workstreams (product, packaging & production waste) is recorded using a standardized analysis.

2. Evaluation

The analysis results serve as a basis for evaluating the status of development within the workstreams.

3. Roadmap

Based on the analyses, interviews and on-site appointments, the individual roadmap for the Circular Economy is developed. The roadmap provides the strategy and plan for implementing a Circular Economy.

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