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Implementation of the own Circular Economy

Q by PreZero enables production companies, brand manufacturers and industrial enterprises to implement their own circular economy.

After their end-of-use, resources that have already been used are reintegrated into the company's own value creation and managed in the cycle. This creates new economic effects through sustainable processes. Companies become pioneers of the Circular Economy and meet the increasing expectations of customers, business partners and employees as well as regulatory requirements.

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Leadership position through early entry

The prerequisite is an early entry into a sustainable circular economy, which sets the course today for competitiveness, value creation and corporate value in the years to come.

A sustainable value cycle puts companies in a leading position with customers, investors, employees and has a significant impact on future company results.

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From the chain to the circuit

Q by PreZero further develops a company's value chain into a value cycle in which product, packaging and production waste are tapped as resource sources.

For each of the three workstreams - product, packaging and production waste - functional solutions are developed to recycle the resources used and make them usable again.

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