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Step by step to complete product recycling

With PreZero.rechain® we close your product cycle. Following the use phase - the so-called end of use or end of life of the product - we ensure innovative product recycling.
To this end, we develop a complete concept for closing the product cycle: from product return to material processing. Together with you, our experts put the concept into practice. Interested? Then find out more about PreZero.rechain®!
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Our services

  • Concept development for your product recycling
  • Consulting on the ideal take-back logistics
  • Provision of the ideal technology for material processing and recycling
  • Implementation of the developed concept
  • Observance of the latest legal requirements

Your benefits

  • Ensuring a sustainable product cycle for demanding customers
  • Fulfillment of (future) legal requirements in the area of material recycling
  • Further processing of recovered materials from your products
  • Gaining independence in the face of volatile raw material markets

PreZero.rechain®: Our services for your product recycling

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