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Let us optimize your packaging!

The challenges for brand owners and packaging manufacturers are enormous in many respects: be it through the design of sustainable and thus recyclable packaging, the legal framework conditions or the use of recycling raw materials.

With PreZero.repack, we combine the know-how of our packaging engineers with the experience from the operational world of recycling; e.g. from the operation of our sorting plants or the production of recyclates.  PreZero.repack analyzes the structure of your packaging and develops new recyclable solutions together with you.

Your path to a recyclable packaging design

Perform packaging analysis

The starting point for the design of recycled products is the analysis, in which we make an assessment of the recyclability of your packaging.

Book workshop

In a joint workshop, we will work out with you, among other things, how your product packaging can be collected and detected again after disposal so that it can be sent for high-quality recycling.

Develop a recycling project

Do you already market recyclable packaging or would you like to start using recyclates in the production of your packaging? Then you have come to the right place. A dual system is the starting and turning point for the implementation of circular products. The most important stakeholders of a dual system already belong to our group of companies.

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