Realize your sustainable packaging goals

Packaging concepts that protect not only the product but also the environment

From licensing to optimizing your packaging, we're with you through every challenge and every vision.

Packaging has to do a lot, but it can also do a lot. Anyone who brings packaging filled with goods onto the German market must license. We can help you with this: At PreZero, you can have your packaging individually licensed and thus bring it to market quickly and in compliance with the law - at the same time, you can give the starting signal for the joint design of your sustainable packaging solutions.

Because our closed-loop thinking does not stop at packaging. So we support you in achieving the sustainability goals for your packaging. We will be happy to advise you on optimized recyclability of your packaging, ecological packaging innovations or sustainable product range transformations.

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You want to bring your packaging to market - but what do you have to pay attention to when licensing? Our licensing team provides assistance on all aspects of product stewardship and helps you to successfully license your packaging products. With the license calculator, we offer you a tool that guides you to the licensing request with just a few clicks.

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Packaging Management

With us, your packaging can fully develop its sustainability potential. Our packaging management analyzes your packaging with regard to recyclability and provides you with comprehensive advice on your options. Get in touch with our packaging experts and reconcile economy and ecology with your individual project.