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Plastics recycling

PreZero Polymers gives plastic a second life

Our goal is to close loops with PreZero Polymers

We want to close loops and support circular economy with PreZero Polymers. We produce recyclable materials from post-consumer plastics, i.e. plastic waste generated by private or commercial end users, as well as post-industrial waste – and we’ve got over 30 years of experience. We’ve developed from pioneer status in the recycling sector to a company with almost 200 employees.

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Rethink recyclable materials

We process plastic waste from bales and flakes to PP, PE and PS recycled materials and compounds at our two locations in Austria and Italy. With a capacity of 95,000 tons per year, what sets our products apart isn’t just their color and the type of plastic, but also their quality for later applications. Various filler materials and components give all granules specific properties – perfectly geared towards the new application of the plastic.

Tailor-made solutions for our customers

Everything we do has one common goal: “We give plastic waste a new lease of life to ensure the success of our customers and protect our environment!”. We process plastic waste and produce high-quality base materials for new applications in industrial production. From gardening and furniture construction to household appliances, construction, home and office furniture to the automotive industry – we tailor our products to our customers’ specific needs. In doing so, we create an alternative to virgin plastics, promote the circular economy and sustainably contribute to a cleaner tomorrow.