We assume the disposal of different waste fractions for you and recycle your waste as well as possible while saving resources and always considering the environment.

We see the reusable material behind our waste. Our objective is to bring as many reusable materials as possible back into the loop and as such save valuable environmental resources. We dispose of everything that you can accrue. That includes paper and boxes, wood, plastic, glass, food waste, foil or other fractions. As a competent and reliable partner, we’ll assume responsibility for the disposal of all types of waste on your behalf. This page lists the common reusable materials which we dispose of professionally and recycle for you.

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Use the advantages of our digital progress - organize and optimize all your waste management with ease online.

In our online shop you can configure disposal in line with your needs and order directly with just a few clicks. Practical features, such as interactive cards, offer useful assistance for your optimal disposal solution.

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