Disposing of mixed commercial waste – on the safe side

The German Commercial waste ordinance (GewAbfV) stipulates since 2017 that commercial enterprises have to separate good recyclable waste, such as plastics, paper, wood, glass, metal, textiles or organic waste on site to guarantee optimal utilization. The elaborate separation can only be limited in any way when documented and objectively comprehensible local and economic conditions make the separation impossible. In this case, the incurred waste mix has to be verifiably delivered to a waste sorting facility. In January 2019 the second amendment of the Commercial Waste Ordinance (GewAbfV) came into effect, heightening these stipulations even further.

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Recycling of commercial waste

The recycling potential of commercial waste is high. According to information from the federal environment office, mixed commercial waste is made up at a ratio of over half of high-quality recyclable reusable materials such as plastic, metal, wood, paper, cardboard and boxes. However, for a long time only a small part of the reusable materials was separated from the material stream and used for the recycling. Experts suspect an unused potential to date of 1.1 to 3.2 million tons of material for recycling. The new Commercial Waste Ordinance ensures that more commercial waste has to be recorded separately and consequently less commercial waste is likely to be thermally used. Hence, in the future more separately collected materials will be available for recycling.

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