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Construction waste - Differences between rubble and demolition waste

The disposal of different materials is a fundamental issue in construction & demolition work. This includes the separation of the different materials installed, which can often be extremely time-consuming.

The most common waste fractions in the construction and demolition sector are rubble and demolition waste. The difference between pure rubble waste and demolition waste lies among other things in the mineral content. If components are perhaps even compounded with hazardous materials such as roof sheeting (containing tar) or asbestos, they are classified as “hazardous waste“ and have to be disposed of in the special waste. Floor or wood waste can also be loaded and fall under this category.

What do we stand for?

In conjunction with our construction experts and with our broad spectrum of know-how in different regions and centers of expertise, we work together to find a suitable disposal solution for your construction waste. Certain laws and regulations are becoming increasingly more stringent in the waste disposal sector. We adhere to all legal stipulations. We consistently adhere to all regulations, not just in the case of our services but also in our partner companies.
We represent sustainable disposal near you, with the appropriate container and vat solutions. In accordance with the Commercial waste ordinance (GewAbfV) we ensure that you benefit on an economic level by checking the flow of your recyclable materials and determining an appropriate solution that brings the highest benefit for you and the environment.


We provide sustainable and certified disposal services



We conduct disposal in accordance with the legal regulations and the Commercial waste ordinance (GewAbfV)


Consultation & Service

We advise you throughout, from the waste fraction through to the selection of the appropriate container solution


Circular economy

We close cycles with our specialized centers of expertise



We support you in protecting the environment and informing you of the ecological value of the waste material



Whether online or in our facilities – we constantly work on innovative techniques and solutions to make disposal easier for you

Our services

We have supported and successfully completed numerous construction projects in the disposal sector:

•    Disposal of construction waste of all kinds
•    Disposal of hazardous waste
•    Experts for eANV – Electronic waste-records procedure
•    Large range of vats & containers
•    Appropriate automotive technology (crane truck for skips)

Highest level of flexibility for your building site:

You can organize your building site perfectly and make things much easier for you with our crane skips. Move the skips we have supplied flexibly with all UVV-authorized (mobile) cranes and save a lot of time, as well as effort and long distances.

The crane skips can hold 7 cbm and have a uniform loading height, so not the usual opening – these vats are completely trapezoidal and have a double floor as well as a reinforced frame for particular stability. These containers have been specifically designed for construction sites and are also 100 % watertight.

The advantage of this special container technology is that they are flexible when positioned / moved and insured by the construction company. Our normal containers can only be positioned statically and hence they are extremely difficult to move. If these skips are moved, the insurance cover through the construction company lapses.

We use these very handy containers in our regions around Hannover, in Sachsen-Anhalt and Ostwestfalen-Lippe. Feel free to talk to us if you need our services.

Single source

In several regions we have extended our construction business to such an extent that we close the loops of building site disposal:


Our sorting plant for commercial waste (GAS) in Hannover is specialized in processing construction waste.
We have our experts from the center of expertise for wood, based in Bückeburg, Lengede and Stadum for the disposal of waste wood (AI-AIV).
Scrap and metals can also often be found in building site waste; we can provide optimal consultation services in this sector with our own scrap metal track in our scrap and metal center of expertise based in Paderborn.

Highly modern systems and technology enable us to use material, which can no longer be used as such, as a valuable resource for thermic utilization and without residue for alternative energy generation.

Designed for endurance

Use the advantages of our digital progress - organize and optimize all your waste management with ease online.

In our online shop you can configure disposal in line with your needs and order directly with just a few clicks. Practical features, such as our location option (place container on the overview map), give you new freedom and possibilities for your optimal disposal solution.

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