Disposing of used fat: Getting rid of used fat and oil

In kitchens at canteens, restaurants and takeaways there are large amounts of used fat to be disposed of every day. Used fats comprise fats and cooking oils that have been used for deep-fat frying and frying among others. It is forbidden to empty these fats into the sink as they can block pipes and slow down the waste water sewage process.

That’s why private individual should dispose of small amounts of oil and cooking fat with other waste in the residual waste. Larger amounts, as used for deep-fat frying, should be collected and disposed of in the local recycling depot or another collection system. Gastronomic businesses, such as restaurants and catering kitchens, but also abattoirs, butchers or bakeries, are obliged to dispose of used fats and oils correctly. In addition, they have to use fat separators, to filter organic leftovers and fat from the waste water.

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Collection, fat disposal and old fat & fat recycling

There are a number of possibilities for recycling old fat sensibly Special processes can also be used to clean and process used oils and edible fats so that they can subsequently be used for cosmetics, fuels, lubricants or cleaning agents. They can also be used in biogas plants to generate electricity and thermal energy. The fats are also often used in special soil-friendly fertilizers.

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