Disposing of electrical scrap easily: Nothing good on the television? We think there is

Electrical products delight adults and children. New technology holds the potential of increasing life quality sustainably in a number of German households. A renewal of product generations leads to exciting challenges and new possibilities Beginning with correct disposal by the consumer, it is our objective as environmental service providers to actively accompany the entire chain beginning with the collection of disused Smartphones and flat screen televisions through to equivalent recycled raw materials into the reusable material cycle. This is where the electrical law, which is based on EU directives, comes into play. The objectives are the avoidance of waste from electrical and electronic devices, its reduction by recycling and the reduction of the pollutant content in the devices. To this end collection, utilization and recycling quotas are stipulated. In the whole of Germany, at least four kilograms of old devices per inhabitant and year should be collected from private households.

A question of technology

An electronic device generally consists of different materials such as metals, plastics, glass or hazardous waste, such as batteries. These tasks thus require an expert. We provide the collection points for the communities and deliver the fractions according to the legal regulations on pre-sorting directly at the recycling companies. The different groups are divided in the facilities and sent for recycling.

Acceptance catalogue for the disposal of electrical devices

Our competence center is there for you:



Collection of electrical and electronic devices on behalf of the disposal provider at collection points and recycling depots



Guarantee of correct pre-sorting in six clearly defined collection groups



Separate disposal of harmful substances such as mercury in television tubes or FCKW in refrigerators



Exposure of recyclables contained in the waste and preparation for further utilization in the loop system

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