Hazardous waste

Safe disposal of hazardous waste

Things to know about hazardous waste - from disposal to recycling

Don’t leave it up to chance: PreZero’s hazardous waste competence center

Benefit from our years of experience dealing with hazardous waste of all kinds, including environmentally friendly utilization and elimination. We have the right solution for everything, e.g., liquid and paste-like waste or dangerous goods– from the container system to the optimal logistics through to documentation. It goes without saying that we adhere to legal stipulations and to handle these substances with the highest level of conscientiousness.

A service that demands respect

Hazardous waste – colloquially also named toxic or special waste – includes the substances that display hazardous properties for your health or the environment: These include alkalis, solvents or acids. Dealing with them requires extreme caution and a lot of know-how, so that there’s no damage to people or nature. Handling dangerous waste is subject to the most stringent legal regulations and documentation obligations and is monitored by the responsible state authorities. According to the polluter pays principle, the owner or creator of the hazardous waste is held particularly liable. No wonder there’s high demand for them to safeguard themselves through specialists.

PreZero disposes of your hazardous waste

We provide you with extensive support in disposing of dangerous substances in a way that will cause no harm: By providing approved containers and assuming the complete logistics– including packaging, labelling and generation of all transport documentation in line with valid legislation concerning dangerous goods. Write us an email or call us – we would be happy to advise you at any time!

Our competence center fulfils these services for you:



Staff according to TRGS 520 and GGVSEB/ADR, hazardous goods representative and waste representative



Proof of disposal including obtaining authority permits, electronic waste management system (eANV) in the internet portal


Hazardous waste collection vehicle

Declaration, on-site packaging, internal collection point including staff provision of dangerous goods representatives and waste representatives



Re-sorting fine chemicals, acid-alkali conditioning, temporary storage, container cleaning

Use the advantages of our digital progress - organize and optimize all your waste management with ease online.

In our online shop you can configure disposal in line with your needs and order directly with just a few clicks. Practical features, such as our location option (place container on the overview map), give you new freedom and possibilities for your optimal disposal solution.

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