Things to know about mixed construction waste/ waste for recovery

Your perspective changes your options

Waste, which can no longer be used as a material, i.e. cannot be recycled in the usual sense, does not have to represent a burden for the environment today. In fact, it is regarded more as a valuable resource, which can be used as an alternative energy generator using state-of-the-art technology and as such can preserve the environment sustainably. For this reason, waste for recovery is allocated exactly to this purpose of energy generation in recycling management legislation. The stated objective is to save finite primary energy carriers such as oil or natural gas and to reduce the CO2 production. A number of energy intensive industries are already relying on waste-based fuels – replacement fuels from household-type waste – as an energy carrier. These contribute to significant and sustainable supply of operations by producing process steam, electricity or heat in highly efficient thermal power stations.

More than just a replacement (fuel)

Replacement fuels in this context are specially pre-treated and prepared waste (among others household waste, commercial and industrial waste), which has certain material properties, such as a higher energy content and a lower impurity ratio. PreZero also produces applicable replacement fuels in modern preparation facilities, such as e.g. in Paderborn-Elsen or Oppin. In the multi-level preparation process, the recyclable materials are separated and restored as secondary raw materials in the material cycle. The high-energy fractions are processed to a high-quality replacement fuel, which can be used as a resource-sparing energy carrier, as it is in the company’s own thermal waste treatment facility PreZero Energy Bernburg, for the production of steam or electricity.

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Expertise from our company

In our center of expertise (in short COE) for "Waste For Recovery" the duties, activities and responsibilities around the subject of high-energy utilization have been centrally consolidated. In the context of the implementation of the amended Commercial Waste Ordinance (GewAbfV) the responsibility of the COE "Waste For Recovery" was extended. It takes care of the processing of the stream of material waste for pre-treatment in addition to its utilization.

The COE "Waste For Recovery" is responsible for the following activities:


Management and processing

Control and operative as well as commercial processing of the entire stream of material waste for recycling and waste for pre-treatment of approx. 700,000 annual tons



Guarantee of long-term disposal / utilization security



Negotiation, implementation and fulfillment of the applicable contracts (suppliers and treatment facilities)



Optimization of all the operational and commercial procedures and processes among others through standardization, automatization and digitalization

Due to the central control and optimal utilization of approx. 700,000 tons of waste each year, PreZero significantly contributes to the saving of valuable resources in partnership with the COE "Waste".


Energy generated from waste for recovery

We recycle our waste for recovery in our energy facility PreZero Energy in Bernburg.

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