Valuable raw material: Correct disposal of paper, cardboard, and boxes

In the entire Federal Republic of Germany PreZero disposes of your paper, your cardboard or your boxes efficiently and sustainably. We provide you with containers in the appropriate size, to dispose of every type of waste paper efficiently and reliably. With our digitalized and highly efficient network we dispose of waste paper completely in line with your needs and bring it back into the reusable material cycle. Business people benefit from our offer to purchase waste paper: Not only do you get rid of your commercial waste, but you earn cash by selling the waste paper as recyclable material. Whether you have paper, cardboard, boxes, files or other types of waste paper: Whatever waste paper accumulates, we’ll take care of it.

When it comes to waste paper, there are the following quality differences:

Paper, cardboard, box 1.02 Sorted mixed waste paper – A mixture of different paper and cardboard qualities that contains a maximum of 40% newspaper and magazines.

Paper, cardboard, box 1.04 Store waste paper – Used papier and cardboard packaging, that contains at least 70% corrugated cardboard, the rest being solid board and wrapping papers.

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Disposing of waste paper - speedy collection, efficient recycling

Paper is ever-present in our lives. We leaf through newspapers and magazines, print our letters or package our deliveries in boxes. When it comes to paper consumption, Germany is at the top of the group of the twenty most important industrial and emerging countries in the mathematical per capita consumption of paper, cardboard and boxes in 2018, with the consumption at 241.7 kg per capita. This calculation is taken from information from the Federal Government in response to a question put by the Green Party. The ten-year comparison of paper consumed shows that paper use in Germany has decreased slightly since 2008. In 2008 the Germany used 251.4 kilograms per capita according to information from the Federal Government. According to the German Federal Environmental Agency, in 2016 the Germans consumed 248 kilos of paper, cardboard and boxes per capita. This works out as a nationwide total consumption of 20.5 million tons, from which private and communal disposal companies have collected 15.4 million tons again as waste paper. Paper has an excellent return rate at 75 percent.

Recycling of waste paper

Waste paper is by far the most important raw material for the German paper industry. In 100 tons of new paper there are roughly 70 tons of waste paper. Corrugated cardboard, newspapers, magazines, hygiene and wrapping paper as well as carton packaging can be made up of 100 percent waste paper. What’s more, paper can be recycled up to six times. The fact that paper in Germany is collected so diligently can be attributed to the separate waste collection. Consumers can dispose of paper, cardboard and boxes in depot containers, the blue bin or at the recycling depots. Companies also organize separate paper collection. This ensures they make a contribution to environmental protection and benefit from selling their waste paper as a recycling material.

Our competence center offers you the following services:



Securing of highest quality thanks to separate collection of different waste paper according to types



Individual sorting processes depending on the customer’s needs for the paper processing industry



Need-based provision of waste paper, which is therefore brought back into the material loop again



Optimal use in the paper processing industry due to an internationally operating network

Use the advantages of our digital progress - organize and optimize all your waste management with ease online.

In our online shop you can configure disposal in line with your needs and order directly with just a few clicks. Practical features, such as our location option (place container on the overview map), give you new freedom and possibilities for your optimal disposal solution.

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