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Whether it’s commercial or industry: PreZero is your partner for the professional and sustainable disposal of plastics of all kinds. We have years of experience in the collection, sorting and marketing of plastics as well as in the manufacture of high-quality recyclates. Our comprehensive product and service portfolio makes us a competent partner in the plastics processing industry.

Acceptance catalogue for the disposal of plastic & film waste

Disposing of plastic: Optimal plastic recycling

Plastic is ever-present in our world, and due to its properties a significant component in many products and as such a valuable raw material. Whether as a component for electronic devices and cars, foil, bottles or packaging: Plastic is used in almost every household, company and industry. The material has a long life, is robust and versatile. In view of this, combined with ever decreasing resources, plastic has another important feature: It is for the most part recyclable. After a recycling process, garden benches, pipes, foil or check cards can be reintroduced as recycled material to a new product cycle.

In 2018 there were roughly 29 million tons of plastic waste Europe-wide – in Germany alone the plastic production for 2019 was at a little over 18 million tons. Of a total of almost 29 million tons of plastic waste, roughly 22 million tons were sent for recycling. The amount of the plastic that is thrown away is sinking continuously and the amount of the plastic that is being recycled is increasing.

Plastic waste accounts for over 80 percent in the case of private customers or business enterprises, who have to dispose of it.

Not all kinds of plastic land in the same waste containers in Germany. Packaging plastic is collected using the dual system. In general the yellow bag, the yellow bin or recycling collection points are available. The plastic is recycled and brought back into the recycling loop. Plastic products which are not packaging (toys, bowls, painting film, toothbrushes, ballpoint pens), are– partly – disposed of in the residual waste.

Recycling of plastic

With efficient recycling, waste plastic can become a valuable raw material. A prerequisite for this is the clean separation of the different types of plastic. Because only when plastic is separated and sorted carefully, can it be processed to highly pure recyclate, which is the source material for new plastic products.

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REACH-conform recyclate completely in line with your needs

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