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The responsible competence center, pooled with our subsidiary PreZero Metall GmbH, is specialized in the collection, preparation and turnaround of all steel scrap and metal fractions. This includes successful trading with these reusable materials. In this way, we make a significant contribution to saving natural resources. In fact, the use of one ton of steel scrap saves 1.5 tons or ore, 0.5 tons of fuel and avoids a ton of CO2.

Collection and purchase of scrap and scrap metal for optimal recycling

Colloquially scrap is a derogatory term for all types of waste metal. However, there is no reason to regard scrap as waste. In fact: Scrap is an important raw material. In Germany, for example roughly 21 million tons per year of steel scrap are used to produce new steel products. Germany gets roughly 45 percent of its new steel from the recycling of steel scrap.

As such, scrap is a perfect example of how we can make new highest quality products from old, seemingly valueless material. But it’s not just old steel that can be brought back into the reusable material loop in this highly-efficient way. Other metal fractions such as zinc, copper, aluminum and brass are excellently suited to recycling.

Acceptance catalogue for the disposal of scrap and metal waste

Recycling of scrap metal

No other secondary raw material is as suitable for recycling as scrap metal, since, in theory at least, the metal can be melted down as often as needed and made as good as new. At the same time, the recycling of steel and other metals is possible at such a high level that products, which are subject to the highest stresses, for example, engine blocks and turbines, can be made from the recycled material. Hence, metal is the only material that goes through a perfect reusable material loop. While other materials generally lose quality in the recycling process and can only be used as products of lower quality, scrap can be recycled to the same quality. This is particularly good for the environment, as the production of new metals from ore generally uses significantly more energy than the processing of waste metal. In this way, a ton of steel scrap saves roughly half a ton of fuel and avoids a ton of CO2.

We take care of the disposal of steel scrap and old metals of all kinds and from all sources. This includes new waste from production, old and mixed scrap, machine castings, steel chips etc. Our modern vehicle fleet and our versatile container systems make it possible to collect material directly from your company. Our competence center is specialized in the collection, processing and turnaround of all steel scrap and metal fractions. This includes successful trading with these reusable materials. We always pay fair prices when acquiring your steel scrap and your old metals.

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