Clean energy from waste

PreZero Energy GmbH in Bernburg (PEB)

Things to know about our energy system

Climate-friendly and resource-sparing energy supply from an adjacent industrial location

With its subsidiary PreZero Energy GmbH (PEB), the PreZero consortium also runs a thermal waste treatment facility so that waste materials which cannot be recycled can be turned into green energy. Annually approx. 430,000 tons of waste-based fuel (primarily substitute fuels and waste similar to household waste) are used resource-sparingly in the PEB with three very high-tech combustion lines for production and industrial use of steam and electricity in an adjacent industrial plant.

Functional principle of the energy system

The system at the PEB basically consists of the delivery area (1) incl. scales, the fuel bunker (2) for secure temporary storage, the boiler house with grate firing (7) and steam generation (15), as well as multi-level flue gas cleaning (16, 17 and 18), to adhere to the strictest legal requirements (17th BImSchV). After the waste-based fuel has been delivered by truck and weighed, it is brought to the fuel bunker (2) for temporary storage, from where in turn the combustion section of the system (7 + 15) is continuously supplied with fuel via a corresponding crane system (3). In this combustion section the waste-based fuel is burned a temperatures > 850 °C and the heat generated is used for steam generation. Approx. 1.8 million tons of steam are produced each year in this way, and, in turn, it is used in the adjacent industrial plant as process steam and for electricity production. This reduces the use of fossil energy sources (such as e.g. coal, lignite, oil and natural gas) and consequently the production of CO2, i.e. the corresponding energy production is climate-friendly and resource-sparing. The fumes produced during combustion are accordingly treated in a 3-tier flue gas cleaning system (16, 17 and 18) and the clean fumes are emitted again via a chimney (21) under constant monitoring and in adherence to the legal emission limit values. The solid components that are also a result of the combustion (slag, boiler and filter dust) are utilized materially or deposited by the applicably certified company, also with monitoring and adherence to the legal limit values.

Due to the thermic utilization of approx. 430,000 tons of waste-based fuel per year, the PreZero corporate group with the PEB therefore makes a significant contribution to climate-friendly and resource-sparing energy production.

PreZero Entsorgung Energieanlagen Lageplan

Site map of the energy system Bernburg

a)         Scales
b)         Waste bunker with 8 doors
c)         Boiler lines
d)         Flue gas cleaning + Operating resource station
e)         Silos for boiler ash and filter dust (residues)
f)          Slag bunker (residues)
g)         Steam turbine (owner: adjacent industrial plant)
h)         Administration building   

PreZero Energy at a glance


PreZero Energy at a glance Regular operation

since October 2010


Firing system

Moving grate


Combustion units

three identical combustion lines


Grate area

75.6m² (7.00m x 10.80m) per boiler


Stream volume

approx. 1,760,000 t/a


Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency (R1-Factor) from 0.89 (CCF corrected from 0.95)


System availability

approx. ≥ 90 %7. Components (-)


Bunker volume

approx. 23,000 m³


Firing heat performance:

max. 71.5 MW per line


Heating value spectrum of the fuel

approx. 10.0 – 18.0 MJ/kg


Fuel performance depending on the fuel heating value

approx. 430,000 t/a

Köthensche Street 3a, 06406 Bernburg (Saale)

PreZero Energy GmbH

Delivery area

View from the control pulpit