Municipal waste management

Municipal disposal

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We get rid of waste for you

When you leave the house in the morning, we’ve often already been there to collect your waste and you’ve got one less worry. Because on a daily basis our employees fulfil services for municipalities and circles, i.e. for you as a citizen, in the form of municipal disposal. We dispose of your household waste, organic waste, paper, packaging waste, bulky waste and also take care of mobile waste collection.

You, as a citizen, play a decisive role in the process. Because the better you separate the waste types at home, the easier we can obtain valuable recycling raw materials from it. Consequently our motto is: There’s no such thing as trash. Waste is valuable materials in the wrong place.

Numerous municipalities and circles trust our services:

  • Collection of the materials you accrue near your household
  • Business of indent / weighing systems and impurity detectors
  • Marketing / utilization of recyclable materials
  • Operation of recycling centers
  • Return system for e.g. electronic scrap
  • Archiving and storage of files and file and data destruction
  • Mobile waste collection

What do we stand for?

In every tender for a public order our first step is a thorough analysis of all imposed requirements. We first check whether our existing methods and capacities fulfil the customer’s wishes. If necessary, we develop new system solutions that are tailored exactly to the individual situation. This way we constantly spur ourselves on to achieve new and better services.


Legal conformity

Early preparation for future changes in legal position, professional and timely performance of all services.


Safe and secure disposal

We provide sustainable and certified disposal services. Our facilities are strictly monitored and access is only granted to authorized people.



As a certified company, we're a solid, fair partner for you.



For us, sustainability is more than just a campaign - it’s the core of our business. We consider ourselves part of society and assume responsibility as experts.



We offer technology and comprehensive services for a contemporary circular economy and resource management.



The aspects of cost effectiveness and proximity are the particular focus of our activities.

Innovation means progress - Insights into PreZeros innovations

The innovation project „IoT/Sensor use for waste containers“ aims at improving the recording and evaluation of fill level data for the containers used.

In the future, IoT sensors will make it possible to automatically transmit container fill level data in real time to our system. From this the data can analyze and derive recommendations for action, such as an earlier or later collection of the containers.

Designed for endurance

The state sector has to confront increasingly more complex challenges today in the circular economy and resource management with an already strained budget situation. We offer you cooperation in the form of a public-private partnership (ÖPP) to help the municipalities and citizens.