PreZero Water technology

Efficient water and wastewater treatment, qualified residual waste disposal.

Climatically induced scarcity of resources and stricter legal requirements call for careful and efficient handling of water as a valuable resource.

Companies therefore need strategies by means of which water management can be implemented both economically and sustainably: from water treatment and wastewater treatment to the reuse of water in the process and the disposal of residual materials.


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Supply and disposal from a single source

PreZero Water Technology develops industry-specific solutions that target the entire water and wastewater treatment cycle: By combining our expertise in water management and wastewater management in a value-added manner, we meet the most demanding customer requirements. With a closed-loop of value in water management, PreZero offers its customers the implementation strategy for modern wastewater or water treatment.

Our services

Beratung Wasserprozesse

Consulting & Planning Water Treatment

With our modular consulting service, we evaluate the existing water processes, develop optimization measures on this basis or outline a possible realignment of the processes. In addition, we accompany you in project planning - from the idea to the tender or implementation.

Our portfolio includes fresh water treatment including demineralized water, process water treatment, wastewater treatment, sewage sludge treatment and disposal.


Project realization plant engineering     

You already have an existing planning or a concrete implementation idea? We would be happy to turn your project into reality: from detailed planning to construction and commissioning of the water treatment plant, we master all service phases.

Our special know-how in the field of water treatment lies in membrane technology, by means of which process wastewater is purified in a resource-saving manner. The amount of residual substances is thus considerably reduced and can be disposed of in a qualified manner. The clear water is available again for your process.


Disposal & recycling routes

We analyze and evaluate possible water and wastewater treatment processes with regard to technical feasibility and economic benefit. In doing so, we not only take care of the appropriate treatment, but also of the disposal of the resulting residual materials.

The result is then, for example, a reduction in the frequency of transport or the development of new recycling routes in biogas plants.

Wasser Vorteile

Water management with profit

PreZero water technology enables you to map the entire value cycle of your water management from. What this means for you.


     1. Long-term cost reduction

      2. Sustainable use of water as a valuable resource

      3. Alternative recycling routes

      4. Compliance with internal and legal regulations

      5. Water and wastewater treatment according to the state of the art

      6. Product-independent planning and implementation from a single   




Examples of sustainable water treatment

Paint wastewater

Project: Reduction of the amount of residual material and reuse of the remaining clear water for the production of new paints
Industry: Paint and varnish industry

Toxin wastewater

Project: Establishment of an alternative to hazardous waste incineration of wastewater by treatment with special membrane filtration technology. As a result, a significant saving in disposal volume was achieved.
Industry: Pharmaceutical industry (production)

River water

Project: River water treatment for provision as an energy source in the heat pump process for research and development infrastructure. A comparison of variants and an implementation concept for resource-saving site supply were prepared.
Industry: Pharmaceutical industry (infrastructure)