PreZero Water technology

Efficient water and wastewater treatment, qualified residual waste disposal.

Climate change, ever growing scarcity of resources and tightening legal requirements call for sustainable and efficient handling of our most valuable resource – Water.

Sustainable water management strategies that cover all water related processes, from water and wastewater treatment to the re-use of water within the process and the disposal of residual materials, are therefore more important than ever.


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One-Stop Shop for water supply to waste disposal

PreZero Water Technologies develops tailor-made solutions and strategies that tackle challenges along the entire water and wastewater treatment cycle. By combining our expertise in the field of water & wastewater treatment and our longstanding experience in waste management business, we meet even the most demanding customer requirements. Striving towards closing the loop in both disciplines, PreZero offers its customers holistic strategies and state of the art solutions for water & wastewater treatment and subsequent disposal of residuals

Our services

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The water and wastewater processes within industrial plants pose various challenges and can be quite a handful. To support our customers in understanding and optimizing their water related processes, PreZero offers modular consulting services that cover every phase of the planning process. By applying the best available technology, we seek to ensure that water and wastewater processes meet technical, economic and environmental targets throughout their lifecycle. From evaluating existing processes, to developing optimization strategies and planning complete treatment plants, PreZero is your competent partner from the initial idea to the tender or implementation.

Our fields of expertise include raw water treatment, process water treatment, wastewater and sludge treatment, as well as the disposal of residuals.


Contracting & Turn-key plant construction

Looking for a strong and reliable partner to build and implement your project? We would be happy to turn your project into a reality: from detail design to construction and commissioning of water & wastewater treatment plants, we cover all bases so you can focus on your core business while we take care of everything else.
PreZero has implemented various projects that cover a range of technologies and provides a wide range of custom made, turn-key solutions that range from purified water production to wastewater and sludge treatment plants. Our main expertise is centred around the field of membrane technologies and the use of such systems to treat process wastewater. These systems are able to significantly reduce the residuals destined for disposal and enable the re-use of treated water in your production plant.



Residuals Disposal & Waste Management

For PreZero water and wastewater treatment does not end with the treated effluent and a handful of residuals that you are left to deal with. As part of our services, we ensure that a suitable, cost-effective and sustainable disposal path for all residuals is available. As a result, PreZero has repeatedly achieved a reduction of waste pick-ups frequency or provided alternative disposal paths.

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Your Water & Wastewater Processes – Our Added Value

PreZero water technologies provides you with a full overview of your water processes and its potential. What this means for you:


1. Long-term cost reduction
2. Sustainable use of water as a valuable resource
3. Alternative recycling routes
4. Compliance with internal and legal regulations
5. State-of-the-art water and wastewater treatment facilities
6. One stop shop for independent planning and implementation



Our sustainable water & wastewater treatment references

Wastewater Re-use - Paint production wastewater

Ever wondered if treated wastewater can be recycled in the consumer product that it originates from? PreZero designed and implemented a process to do just that. Using a membrane system to treat wastewater from a facility producing water based paint, the treated water can be reused in the production process and the amount of residuals was effectively reduced.

Industry: Paint and Lacquer producing industry

Reducing Residuals – Pharmaceutical wastewater

Incineration of hazardous wastewater is commonly seen as the only possible solution when it comes to wastewater heavily laden with toxins. However, PreZero worked with our client to develop and implement a viable alternative to effectively reduce the amount of toxic waste destined for incineration and produce a water quality suitable for discharge.

Industry: Pharmaceutical industry

Plant Availability – Cooling water for R&D facility

River water has been a source of cooling water for generations. However, climatic developments have led to reduced water flow in many rivers along with deteriorating water quality. PreZero compared different treatment options, designed a suitable process for the client and prepared the planning documentation for the implementation of a water treatment plant that ensures a reliable supply of cooling water.

Industry: Pharmaceutical industry – Utility supply