PreZero – Knowledge for Kids

Sustainability is more than just a campaign

Schildkröte Peter Zero PreZero Wissen für Kids
Peter Zero the Turtle
“Hello! I’m Peter Zero the Turtle. Will you help me separate collected trash by type?”
Gustav Grünfink Wissen für Kids
Gustav the Greenfinch
"Hello! I'm Gustav the Greenfinch. Will you help me keep my environment clean? Together, we're closing the recyclables loop!”

Our goal is to raise society’s awareness of sustainability.

We begin with the youngest members of society, as they are the people of tomorrow. If we succeed in getting the next generation to think in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way, we will lay the foundation for a clean tomorrow.

How do I separate my waste properly? How can I make something new from something old? How much do I already know about sustainability? PreZero Knowledge for Kids provides fun educational content on the topics of sustainability, waste separation, reuse and upcycling, as well as a basic understanding of why waste separation is so important and how it can help us take action to protect our environment.

Peter Zero and Gustav demonstrate how it's done.

Our mascots Gustav the Greenfinch and Peter Zero the Turtle introduce children to the recyclables cycle and explain the world of waste management.

Here, Peter Zero collects and sorts all the waste materials he can find. His friend Gustav then prepares these recyclables for recycling and gives them a new life. That’s typical PreZero – because for us, waste is recyclable material in the wrong place.

Puzzle fun

Vorschaubild - Wissen für Kids - Abfallsuche im Park

Litter search in the park

Gustav is annoyed. He’s noticed quite a bit of trash in the park. A lot of people throw their trash on the ground instead of putting it in a trash can.

ages 6+



Can you find your way through the maze?

ages 8+

Suchrätsel leicht

Word search - easy

Word search - Help Gustav find the 5 hidden words about sustainability.

ages 6+


Word search - normal

Word search - Help Gustav find the 10 hidden words about sustainability.

ages 10+


Word search - hard

Word search - Can you find the hidden words on the topic of sustainability?

ages 12+

Coloring pages

Games and hands-on activities


Make an upcycled basket

PreZero shows you how it's done. Find a new use for your old newspaper.

ages 6+


Sorting game

Can you separate the waste materials by type?

ages 6+

Recyclingpapier selbst schöpfen

Create your own recycled paper

PreZero shows you how it's done. Here's how you can make your own recycled paper.

ages 10+


Recyclables pyramid

Can you arrange the terms in descending order and find examples?

ages 12+

Other activities to take part in

Think before you print! 

Be sure to print our materials on recycled or FSC-certified printer paper whenever possible. Many puzzles and games can also be easily edited in PDF format on your PC.