What makes PreZero different?

The following provides you with a small glimpse into the PreZero world and gives you an idea of what we think is important as well as what we offer each and every employee.

Diversity – Bewusste Vielfalt bei PreZero

Diversity – Purposeful Variety

We are convinced that diversity is the key to success.
That’s why we consciously focus on the individuality and distinctiveness of our employees. You’ll find people from 44 countries working together every day at our sites in Germany – and doing so on equal footing regardless of who holds which position.  Diversity is a way of life at PreZero.

Die Führungsleitsätze von PreZero

Our values and management concept: Our Go!5

Our management culture is based on “Go!5“ – our approach to creating teams of equals. Our management staff establish the conditions that let our employees live out and experience our values so that they are better able to work toward achieving our company’s goals. Pragmatic, tight-knit, structured, appreciated and autonomous are central concepts in our palette of values.

Stellen bei PreZero

Providing care to PreZero employees

Employee well-being is our highest priority. Our various departments see to it every day: Our HSEQ uses training classes and accident prevention measures to ensure the safety of our employees. The range of benefits offered by the PreZero health management program expands on this portfolio. Prevention courses, a safety glasses benefit and skin screenings are also part of the benefits we provide. Through our partners we also offer a range of attractive supplementary health insurance plans.

Zusätzliche Leistungen, die PreZero den Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern bietet.

Other benefits – relying on each other

We don’t just think about the future of the environment, we also think about our employees! Each PreZero employee can take advantage of our pension plans and retirement savings plans as well as payment for the time it takes you to change from work to street clothes. We also offer employee rebates and provide work and safety clothing, including a laundry service. Along with these benefits, you can rest easy knowing that your salary will be paid into your account punctually.

Die Schwarz Gruppe bietet viele Karrierechancen

Individual opportunities – Working for the Schwarz Group

PreZero is a leading environmental services provider and since 2018 has successfully combined 60 years of experience in recycling management with the dynamism of a well known trade group. As part of the Schwarz Group, we’re able to offer our employees plenty of additional opportunities. You’re welcome to take a look at the openings available at the Schwarz Group:  Lidl, Kaufland, Schwarz Gruppe and Schwarz Produktion.

Berufliche Entwicklung bei PreZero

Professional development – Growing together

Together we create an environment that provides the flexibility you need to grow. To achieve our goal, we need innovators and pragmatists, people who are ready to take on responsibility and apply new ideas to bring about a cleaner tomorrow. PreZero offers every employee opportunities for professional development and advancement. We draw heavily on the talent we promote from within our own ranks! Along with a variety of training and work-study programs, we also offer various development programs both at home and abroad. These can be tailored to the individual employee’s needs, to accommodate their particular level of knowledge.


Note: The masculine form is used in all texts for better readability. This is not intended to discriminate against other genders.