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PreZero – the corporate group

One of Germany's leading environmental services provider.

PreZero is an international environmental service provider engaged in waste and recycling management. PreZero is the environmental division of the Neckarsulm-based Schwarz Group, which also includes the retail companies Kaufland and Lidl and Schwarz Produktion. The PreZero Group currently employs around 30,000 people internationally at 485 locations in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the U.S. Together with our customers, we combine economy with ecology and thus support their successful and sustainable development with the key objective of closing loops.

PreZero in Germany

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approx. 1,800


With its division into the three business areas of Dual, Recoverable Materials and Recycling, PreZero itself already covers key stages along the value chain.

With its licensing activities, the Dual System (EPR system) is the strategic link between manufacturers and disposal companies. In the area of recyclable materials, PreZero ensures the separate collection, sorting and professional processing of waste from various fractions. These go through a wide variety of recovery methods and are recycled into new raw materials as effectively as possible. 

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PreZero as part of the Schwarz Group

As part of the Schwarz Group, we have the unique opportunity to develop new recycling loops which helps reduce the consumption of natural resources. Since we are backed by one of the largest retailers in the world, we have the chance to look at the entire raw material exploitation chain – from production to retail, collection, sorting and recycling to reuse – and develop unprecedented solutions.

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