Entry-level career opportunities

As a professional vehicle operator, you’ll be working with us every day on building a cleaner future! By operating modern specialized vehicles, you’ll be making an important contribution toward creating a cleaner tomorrow. Read more for information on the various ways you can join the team. We look forward to receiving your application!
Berufskraftfahrer im Nahverkehr
Professional vehicle operator for short-haul transport

The road may be your workplace, but it will routinely lead you back home! If you’re tired of spending your evenings on the road, then apply to PreZero as a vehicle operator for short-haul transport!
Driving local transport, you’ll be servicing customers in the private, commercial or industrial sector and driving routes using vacuum tankers, side or rear loaders or skip loaders.

Steuere modernste Fahrzeuge bei PreZero
Professional vehicle operator for long-haul transport

You’ll be transporting recycled materials to where they’re needed. Driving a planned weekly route from Monday through Friday, you’ll enjoy the freedom of the road while generally staying in Germany.
You’ll be assisted in planning routes by state-of-the-art routing tools. Get started on your career as a professional vehicle operator at PreZero!

Umschulung zum Berufskraftfahrer
Re-training as a professional vehicle operator

Are you interested in taking on responsibility for the future and do you enjoy handling large vehicles? Then turn your passion into a career by applying for re-training at PreZero!
We offer you an opportunity to complete re-training within 2 years with a good chance of being hired on as well as opportunities for additional training. We assume the costs for your Class B and C/CE licenses. Instruction will take place largely at our in-house driving school.

Our Benefits


Time for your family

Home every evening


Informal corporate culture

We keep things informal regardless of position


Fair and punctual payment

You can depend on us


Work and protective clothing

Includes laundry service


Employee rebates and job bike

Save while shopping or lease your own bike


PreZero health management

Take advantage of benefits, like prevention courses


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