Interested in getting a glimpse into the work world or acquiring practical experience?
Then apply now!

Mach dein Praktikum bei PreZero

Internship for pupils or volunteer internship

Interested in finding your bearings and getting a glimpse into the working world at PreZero? We offer the opportunity to complete an internship at one of our sites. You’ll learn about the wide and multifaceted range of career opportunities available at one of Germany’s leading waste disposal and recycling companies.

Deine Werksstudententätigkeit oder dein Hochschulpraktikum bei PreZero

Student internships or work-study activities

Learn what’s theoretically possible and what works in actual practice.
That’s how progress is made – for you personally and for us as a company. Whether it’s a pre-study or mandatory internship – you can make your start with us at any time. Get to know our processes as you gain a solid foundation for your professional career. If you would like to work on projects in parallel with your studies, you are invited to apply to us as a work-study student.

Schreib deine Abschlussarbeit über ein Projekt bei PreZero


Are you looking for a company with an interesting and widely ranging field of activities for your thesis? We offer you the opportunity to complete your Bachelor or Master’s thesis with us. You can join us at any time. If you can’t find a suitable position, apply anyway and tell us know what you’re working on.

What we offer


Interesting insights

Learn about the day-to-day routine of a professional



Save at a variety of shops


Informal corporate culture

We keep things informal regardless of position


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